World Health Organization The World Health Organization (who) has defined stress as the epidemic of MODERNITY. The magnitude of this problem has become one of the priorities of the public health in the world. Our country is in second place worldwide for their level of stress, and statistics show that it affects 8 out of 10 Mexicans, causing mental illness approximately 9% of the population. We define stress as the reaction that has an individual to different stimuli, whether they are positive or negative; This reaction has been studied for many years by different branches of science, found that the human organism this designed with a series of compensatory mechanisms that allow you to have a balance, however, the factors that stimulate the stress control have to be learned, to avoid the effects of stress on health. When we are stressed, in a first stage occur a series of behaviors such as anxiety, irritability, memory lock, the tiredness and insomnia which, if allowed to evolve us can lead to chronic fatigue and even depression, this is preventable if techniques are applied to recognize, modulate and control reactions of stress in our body. The harmful effects that stress can generate cause premature wear ranging from 1 to 15 years of life, don't let that the stress CONSUME LOS years most important of your life family and productive; recognize and learn to handle it. Ludi, Integral diagnosis, professionally supported with unique en Mexico certified specialists by the Canadian Institute of stress, offers a very good medical checkup of stress.
Healthy Sleep In bed we spend about 1 / 3 of our lives, and it makes it one of the most important furniture in our apartment In bed you spend a third of your life around and it is one of the most important furniture in your home or in your home. In sleep, we regenerate us and draw new energy for the next day. Therefore, a bed should not only look good, but have also inner values. Instead of individual components of a complete bed system is, because all parts, frame, mattress, slatted frame, are here already matched. Saves everything from a single source in addition to buy time and nerves. At the choice of the individual right sleep system, you should be aware of some criteria: ergonomics the benefits of a bed system brings just the right mattress correctly to bear. Decisive criterion is therefore their individual adaptability to your spine. Custom ergonomics means that the mattress adapts to the body and not the other way around. At night, this must be supported to be able to relax again. However, every person is unique, so there is no mattress, that for all people equally fit, by the way: also night sweats the body. The body moisture, enriched with salts, toxins and slags, moves to a large extent by the mattress. They should have therefore necessarily moisture - and temperature-regulating properties. Sheep's wool as filling material for example, absorbs, binds and neutralizes the metabolites that the body emits during sleep due to their regeneration capacity and its...

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