Comfort Plus Commitment Wellness plus of Euskirchen informed care and Neediness are aged to a certain extent to the everyday life of most people. The Euskirchener day care well-being is committed for a worthy, positively perceived, Eventide of nursing people plus. The causes of the need for care differ from person to person as well as their extent. However, a feeling of acceptance and respect for all interested parties is very important in a dependent situation. Karola Robbel and her team of employees dedicated to day with full usage of always respectful, based on individual needs and desires, care of their guests. Up to 13 guests care for them in their part of inpatient facility in Euskirchen of according to individual needs and requirements. Special importance has it for the care experts, to give all guests a social one bondage, mentally enabled and supports. For this reason, the stationary support concept of well-being is Plus characterised by a wide range of community activities. Common cooking and eating, games, but also excursions and memory training are used the experience of re-evaluation community, strengthen well-being and vitality. Current nursing science according to well-being plus value sets to any personalized care. People with dementia need for example, fundamentally different ideas as such with organic problems. Activity-oriented service offering the Euskirchener care specialists is complemented by all measures of treatment care and social care. Outside regular opening hours, for example, on weekends and holidays, the employees of the company are after agreement like for a professional service available. A health-care is necessary, feel...

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