Martinez Estresse The signals and symptoms that occur more frequently are of the physical level as: increase of sudorese, knot in the stomach, muscular tension, taquicardia, hipertenso, squeeze of the jaw and to creak of cold teeth, hiperatividade, hands and feet, nauseas. In psychological terms, some symptoms can occur as: interpersonal anxiety, tension, anguish, sleeplessness, alienation, difficulties, doubts how much itself proper, the extreme concern, inability to concentrate in other subjects that not related it to the estressor, difficulties to relax, tdio, anger, depression, emotiva hipersensibilidade (LIPP, 2000). According to LIPP (2000) it estresse, it becomes related directly with the productivity of the individual, a person who does not have estresse does not produce, therefore it finishes not producing adrenalin, becoming aptica person, discouraged, total unproductive. Therefore the more it estresse, greater the adrenalin production, consequently bigger the productivity. He estresse when it surpasses the limit of the individual, its productivity starts to diminish, and it can contract illnesses and even though to die. The life style frantic it elapses; many times, of financial necessities and maintenance of a social standard, making with that the (a) diligent (a) establishes for itself a rigorous rhythm of activities involving the employment bonds and the life domesticate, in such a way, estresse propitiating it. It is added this, the fact to work in adverse situations imposed by the profession that imposes great demand of varied activities - in different turns - can affect the physical performance, to generate mental, neurological, psychiatric and gastrintestinais riots as they comment Coast, Morita and Martinez...

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