Sports Startup Netzathletende Sports portal netzathleten.de Launches Olympic partnership with bild.de and Sport1.de Olympic News quite different authentic, entertaining, up-to-date! Three reigning Olympic medal winners are on the road for netzathleten.de behind the scenes of the Olympic village. Stefan Kretzschmar (handball silver), Stefan Pfannmoller (canoe bronze) and Jens Kruppa (swimming silver) report in the Olympic diary"from China for its exclusive Olympic Partner of Bild.de and Sport1.de and the sports portal netzathleten.de. The three power athletes inspire omitted with authentic video interviews with international Megastars such as Ian Thorpe and Dirk Nowitzki and human by athletes for athletes! In addition, they provide up-to-date reports of Germany's first gold medal by Alexander Grimm, emotionally experienced the three Olympians on the side by coach Apel and father Wolfgang Grimm. In the newly launched to Olympic sports news section, also numerous amateur authors report sports news from around the world. World record in the virtual fingers for our Olympic stars! Just like our Europe's largest sports platform also embarks on world record hunt athletes: on netzathleten.de of the thumb can be pressed since the start of the Olympic Games in Beijing for every German Olympians virtually! Whether for the 5th gold by rowing legend Kathrin Boron, table tennis star Timo Boll or the handball hero of Heiner Brand for each of the more than 400 German Olympians, the thumb can be pressed on netzathleten.de! The counter at almost 200,000 plays, thumb pressed with well over 1 million for Germany's Olympic stars are expected! Whether our athletes will translate this broad support in numerous...

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