Danish Straits The explosion ripped a huge force 'Hood' in half and turned it into a huge pile of metallic trash sunk in three minutes. In a place with its glorious ship died, Vice-Admiral Lanselott Holland, commander Ralph Kerr and 1416 crew members. Survived only three people, they picked up the destroyer 'Elektra'. Read more from Mark Fields to gain a more clear picture of the situation. After the death of 'Hood' 'Bismarck' turned to an artillery attack on the 'Prince of Wales'. Sinking wreckage 'Hood' were on the way British battleship and, leaving them aside, he found himself in a situation in which was a ideal target. At 6:02 in the conning tower 'Prince of Wales' exploded by a shell with the 'Bismarck'. The blast killed all the sailors were in the wheelhouse, except the captain, John Kateralla and one sailor. 'The Prince of Wales' put up a smokescreen, and began to retreat, firing from the stern guns of the main fire. In retreating, the battleship received four rounds of hitting 'Bismarck' and three - with the 'Prince Eugen'. But then Lyutens ordered to cease fire on the British, at 06:09 'Bismarck' gave the last volley, after which the Prince of Wales' retired from the Danish Straits. Implications for the 'Bismarck' was the following: one heavy shell with the 'Prince of Wales' punched battleship hull below the waterline and exploded inside, resulting in a power station 4 was flooded, and some amount of water received in the adjacent boiler room number 2, the second shell struck hull...

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